Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

With the Thanksgiving Holiday nearly upon us, I can't help
but get in the spirit of it all and start listing off all of 
the many abundant blessings I'm thankful for.

My mind starts thinking of everything from 
the small seemingly insignificant things like
my new spacious closet, to my favorite yogurt, 
putting on a new pair of shoes to the things that
are much more significant like having good health, 
the most amazing loving family, friends, & a job.

I also can't help but be so grateful for this 
wonderful country I live in.
Which brings me to this past Sunday and
how it all started for us Santamaria's.

My family, immediate and extended are
very close knit. How can we not be when 
we are as Latin as they come, half Italian, half Chilean.
We are some cooky version of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', 
I'm sure you get the picture.

This past Sunday we went to my Uncle Tito's to celebrate
my cousin Nikki's birthday.  After dinner we always sit around
and chat around the dinner table while sipping on some sort of 
hot drink.  My dad and his brother {Uncle Tito} were reminiscing
of their first few months as new immigrants to the states {New Jersey to be exact}.

All of thekids, cousins, gran-kids were gathered round
listening intently to the two talk about they're hilarious
experiences,  not speaking a lick of English, 
all the misinterpretations, first times in NYC, 
learning a new culture, they had us laughing so much we were crying.

I had a moment of such gratitude for my parents
for being brave enough to leave everything they knew
more than 40 years ago to have a better life.  
And by golly, it's been a good life, a beautiful one!

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  1. what a great post! thank the Lord for amazing families :)