Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few minor changes.

Hello blogging friends.
I just wanted to update you all on 
 a few changes to my blog.

Nothing major,  just a new name and some other minor details.
Originally my blog name was Beverly Hills.

It was more of an inside joke with a few select friends and myself.

You see when I tell people my name is Beverly, 
I almost always get, "Bethany?" or some
other interesting version of what they think they hear.
Plus let's be honest, Beverly is an old name, like 
everyone's great aunt or grandmother's name.
It tends to throw people off.

So I have always said as kindly as possible, 
said no it's Beverly like Beverly Hills.

I always get the big eyed, "Oh Beverly!"

Hence the name of my original blog.

But the city Beverly Hills {although I've been 
there and it's a grand place}, is not a full description of who I am, 
my style or what represents me.

So it was high and due time to change my blog name.

I thought about it and decided on A Walk In These Shoes.
It's befitting since I'm a shoe fanatic and always have been, 
nothing's changing there.  

I will continue documenting all of my
crazy, ridiculous, funny life experiences with the same web address.

Hope you'll continue to follow me on my adventures.

Thank you for all that read and share your input, 
it always makes my day a bit brighter!

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