Saturday, February 4, 2012

The snow finally arrived.

It's been an odd winter here in Utah.
We haven't had much of winter, with high temps and zero snow in the valley.
I'm not completely complaining, other than the fact
that I don't want the snowfall to come late and then have a late spring.

Alas the first real snowfall arrived a couple weeks ago!
So some friends and I headed to the mountains
for some snowshoeing.

The weather was perfect, the trail was full of 
fresh snow and the surroundings were
beautiful as usual.

Afterwards we went to one of my all time favorite
restaurants, Porcupine Grill
for the best nachos...they're a mountain of goodness as you can see.


  1. We've had a lame winter over here too (as far as snow is concerned...the temps last month were wicked cold though). Next time I'm in UT, I will have to give Porcupine Grill another try b/c those nachos look outrageous. I passed out and threw up in that restaurant. It was sooooo embarrassing. Fortunately I was with friends and NOT on a date!

    1. Britt i need to hear about this story sometime...gosh i hope you didn't get food poisoning there. Yes you will definitely need to give them another try, everything there is amazing. But those nacho's have stollen my heart!