Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old soul.

About a month ago I got sick with the flu
while at my parents place.
Since I didn't want to infect my roomie
I decided to contain the sickness & spend the night with the rest of 
my sick family members.

I had nothing but the clothes I was wearing.
So I asked my mom if she had 
some jammies I could borrow.
She came back to me with a nightgown, 
you know the one with cute ruffles, pearl buttons, 
pleats on the shoulders.
Yep that kind of nightgown.

I gave her a glance of judgement
because in my book only the grannies wear those.
She told me her grandmother had given 
it to her and it was the most comfortable thing ever.

Too tired and sick to argue I put it on and went to bed.
She was right, it was like butter I tell you.
Soft, comfie and warm.

So I took it home with me to wash and bring it back to her.
I washed it alright, but then I found myself wearing it every night.
So last week I had gotten back from the gym, showered and got in
the cozy grammie nightgown and decided I was going to 
catch up on some shows.

My roomie was in her room on the phone with our mutual friend.
She came out to find me on the couch with the beloved nightgown.
I won't lie, I was hoping she'd overlook it and not notice it.
But she gave one glance and busted up laughing 
and then proceeded to tell our mutual friend she was on the phone with.

At this point we were all laughing and she 
was wondering what happened to her otherwise chic roomie.
I told her she'd have to wear it to understand 
exactly how comfortable it was.

She took a picture of me in the nightgown, 
but I decided not to post since I was half asleep.
But let's just say I've decided I may have 
to continue to 'borrow' my mom's
nightgown for a bit.

I've decided I'm an old soul on the inside
and that I'm fully embracing's too cozy not too.

ps. I found out another one of my friend's is a big fan of the nightgowns...
I knew there was a reason we were kindred spirits!


  1. I want a grammie nightgown! Send one my way. I would wear it proudly.

  2. This really made me laugh. I wish you would post a photo!

  3. Perhaps one of these days i'll have to post the pic! Ladies go get yourselves some nightgown love, you will thank me later :)