Sunday, September 19, 2010

State Fair

I don't remember the last time I stepped foot on the Utah State Fair grounds, perhaps because I never have or it'd been since elementary school. Either way, I am pretty sure I would have remembered the smells of fried food, livestock, mullets, & pig racing amongst other great spectacles. It was good entertainment alright, the people watching was spectacular, bringing out Utah's finest and classiest people. The food was drenched in fat, and don't worry that I fully planned on consuming and enjoying. The funnel cake with bavarian cream was divine, although right after I wasn't feeling so divine. All in all though, the state fair lived up to its expectations--who knows, I might be back next year for some more of all my favorites.
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  1. You forgot to mention the "Big Love" we saw. :) Ha ha!

  2. HOW did i not make it to the state fair this year? but i'm so glad to be seeing pictures from it! it makes me wonder where all those people hide out the rest of the year

  3. I'm fairly certain that "those people" are at Lagoon when the fair's not around...