Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can I get a do-over?

I literally just woke up from a much needed nap.

Had no clue what day it was, I was out. I had to look at my calender to remind me.

It's been one of those days that we all have and want to pretend don't exist.

Last night I got 2 and a half hours of sleep due to a work deadline. As I was working into the wee hours of the morning all I could think of was how much I longed to be a kid again.

Where deadlines didn't nag at us, headaches from lack of sleep never occurred and life was just simple.

On rainy days like it was today, that's when I really want to be a kid again. I admit I had a charmed life as a kid. I'd come home from school to my mom's yummy homemade bread or cookies fresh out of the oven, we were welcomed home with a hug and would plop ourselves on the couch for a bit of t.v. time.

Oh it was truly splendid!

Those were the days.

But for now--grown-up life-- I'll settle for a little relaxing time catching up on Hulu with some shows and my comfy sweats and the reassurance that tomorrow is a new day--thank goodness!

1 comment:

  1. I can totally relate to this. Glad that you were able to slip into a coma! Wish that I could chill with you and watch hulu. We need to get busy planning our reunion!