Monday, May 10, 2010

I love my Mom

Yesterday being Mother's Day I think it appropriate for all of us to brag a bit about how great our mom's are. I adore this woman. I look up to her. One day I hope to be half as amazing as she is.

A few more reason's I love my mom:

  • She is the finest cook/baker. She makes the most amazing bread, I never tire of it.

  • She rearranges the furniture in her house every month or so--drives my dad crazy.

  • She gave me the name Beverly although she can't pronounce it correctly. She says, "Bevedly". It's quite endearing.

  • She and I have the exact same laugh--it used to annoy me growing up, now I love it.

  • She learned english by watching soap operas. Young & the Restless was her fave.

  • She is a little angel. She whips up meals for people that are sick, is constantly visiting the elderly.

Quite simply she's the best and I love her!

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