Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If Bridget Jones can do it, so can I right?

I am going skiing tomorrow for my first time. I am a bit scared, actually scared might not be the right word. Terrified is a better description. I am terrified of heights and fast speed. I am like a grandma on the freeway, no joke. So the combo of both these fears is why I have never gone skiing before. Well the time has come to look fear in the eye and just do it. That time is tomorrow. My friend Jeff has offered to teach me--does he realize what he is getting himself into?!?!

I have included a clip of the movie Bridget Jones:The Edge of Reason. Just watching Bridget makes my palms sweat. I can relate, I have a feeling I might be going down the mountain in full Bridget-esque style. Pray for me dear friends. Okay I might be being a bit dramatic.

{But really pray for me.}

1 comment:

  1. As one who has gone down the mountain Bridget-esque style only not nearly so gracefully, I am DYING to know how you fared!!!! I hope Jeff didn't leave you at the top to fend for yourself!