Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spain on the road Again...a pleasure beyond measure

Back in the Fall I was flipping through channels and stumbled across this show, Spain on the road Again. I was glued to the tv set. It had one of my favorite actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, and world known chef Mario Batali along with food writer for the NY Times Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols. The foursome were hilarious and entertaining. They took a road trip across beautiful Spain and let you in on the culture, history and food they ate. I was addicted and felt like I was on a tour of Spain with them. I loved the show so much I bought all the episodes on iTunes. I thought I should share the love with you all, so here's a little clip. I am sure you will be as tempted as I was to go onto iTunes and make a purchase of one episode, which trust me will leave you wanting to purchase them all!


  1. I have heard about this show, but haven't seen it! Thank you for posting this! I love GP, and I.LOVE.SPAIN!