Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spain {San Sebastian}

 We were ecstatic to make it to the beautiful coastal town of San Sebastian. I'd heard of the spectacular beaches, the shopping and just how picturesque this city that borders France is. 
It did not disappoint. We were a little sad that the picture above is the only real sunshine we experienced during our few days there, but nonetheless it was gorgeous and such a clean city
{our taxi driver informed us the 2nd cleanest city in Europe}, which was a welcoming
sight after Rome {love Rome but it's a very dirty city}!

Since my mom's luggage had gotten lost we decided to have a girls day of shopping, 
and the guys went and did their own thing. Lucky for us one of my favorite stores
Zara was there, and even luckier, it was the biggest Zara in Spain. My mom, sister-in-law
and I spent all day shopping and mostly in Zara, it was that good!

We needed the leisure of San Sebastian, by this point in the trip we were tired and it
was so nice to sleep in for a few days, walk around the beach, eat, shop and relax a bit
more before we headed to the south of Spain. The north could not be more different than the south.
Green, lush hills with sheep roaming, it rains a lot in the north. It reminded a lot of the
countryside of England, and I imagine what Ireland looks like. Northern Spain is a gem
not to be missed!
^^^Mom and I after some shopping, churros con chocolate, we were happy as clams!
 ^^^Even though it was rainy, we put on our ponchos and went for a walk along the beach.
 ^^^San Sebastian has some of the best surfing in Europe.
 ^^^Craving all those yummy pastries right about now!
^^^My cute mom was in heaven.
^^^Of course on our last day the sun decided to come out, typical ;)
Up next: Seville

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