Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brooklyn {NY Part I}

At the end of May I met up with some girlfriends that
I've known for over a century, for a little reunion weekend
in Manhattan. Before everyone got there, 
another friend and I decided to go out a little earlier
to see some other friends and take in the sights
in Brooklyn. I was excited since I've never been to Brooklyn
on my countless trips to Manhattan. Well that's a half lie, I have
walked the Brooklyn Bridge to go to Grimaldi's, but that doesn't count in my opinion.

Brooklyn did not disappoint. It was much bigger than I 
had expected. For some reason in my mind Brooklyn was 
a borough of cute brownstones and that's it.
Boy was I wrong. Yes there are the quaint brownstone neighborhoods, 
but Brooklyn is also a decent sized city with lots of hustle and bustle.

We spend a couple days there, and I am itching to go back again 
to explore more. But I feel like I got a decent tasting.
Great atmosphere, amazing food, and stunning views of
^^We all showed up in stripes. True sign of good friends ;)

^^I screamed tourist.
^^Views of the B.B. from DUMBO.
^^Perfect weather, sunny skies and no humidity. We lucked out.
^Locks of love.
^^Brooklyn Ice-Cream Factory. Butter Pecan was amazing.
^^Lizmmonade cooled us off just right.
^^The views of the city from the promenade were unreal.
^^Lady Liberty.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'm not as familiar with Brooklyn as Manhattan either, but my few ventures over to that side have always been such peaceful breaks from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan!