Monday, June 9, 2014

As of late...

 photo A9994491-7D43-4FAB-9D89-556A92B057AB.jpg photo FFA533B5-10C5-4754-81BE-0432D184B794.jpg
 photo 5944C00E-FB30-4BC7-9AD2-CB6691FAE1B3.jpg photo 2358F849-2CAE-4207-9E1D-5AEFC993CBE0.jpg
 photo 901C7CBE-CF96-4979-9633-9EF9D66DAC4E.jpg photo 4FA404C5-9B41-44C9-B002-C9C5F6F5AE92.jpg
 photo 925A766A-749C-437A-9C72-5A9FCCBFD2BE.jpg photo 959E521A-572F-4EDF-B52C-21842E4CF6B8.jpg
1 & 2: Bright yellows are all over my closet lately//Lilacs in full bloom
3 & 4: Hiking around Moab//My newest niece Emelia
5 & 6: Freedom Tower NYC//Catching up with an old friend over a Yankee's game
7 & 8:  Brooklyn Botanical Gardens//Best cookies in Manhattan

A few photos as of late. I have so much catching up to do with
my little blog. But time is always running low and I'm just trying to
keep afloat with the daily grind...aren't we all!
I've been busy moving, working too much, trying to balance friends and family,
taking advantage of the beautiful weather {ps. first year I have allergies, what the crap}, and
a quick trip to NYC, I'll get around to posting those photos soon.
I wish I could purchase more hours in the day!

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