Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

{My mom is the beauty on the right}
Yesterday day being Mother's Day it got me
all reflective on all the countless hours my mom has
spent raising me, lifting my spirits, listening to me
cry, be excited, complain throughout every single
stage of my life from kindergarten into adulthood.
If you really stop and think about that it's truly amazing.
Someone that has seen you through your best and worst, 
and through every awkward and exciting stage of your life.

It's no wonder there is a day dedicated to Mother's,
because they are amazing women that day in and day out
are there for you, even when they're tired themselves. 
I believe parenting is such a sacred role, one that not I even 
will truly understand until one day I am in that role.

To my darling mom, she deserves it all. She has been the best role
model for me with her big heart, her quiet acts of kindness, her
delicious cooking and baking, her grace and her love for God and her family.

Mom, I'll be happy if I get to be half as awesome as you one day.
Love you now, always, and forever.

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