Sunday, April 27, 2014

L.A. Part I

 Last week was my friend's 30th birthday, so to kick off the start of a new
era we decided to head to L.A. for a little celebration. We started off our day with 
brunch at the swanky Tavern. It was the perfect way to start our festivities and it
being Easter Sunday we wanted a nice place to eat. After feasting on lemon ricotta pancakes
we made our way to a Dodger's game. It was such a fun time, the sun was shining, 
the game was good and of course we had some hotdogs, I swear they taste better at a baseball game.

The evening rolled around and we decided to do the infamous Hollywood walk, great 
people watching in my opinion. We ended the evening with some street tacos and
a drive up to the Griffith Observatory for some amazing star gazing and breathtaking sights of the 
city. I highly recommend the Griffith if you've never been before, it's free and 
the views up there are simply beautiful.
 ^^Brunching giddy.
 ^^The Tavern did not disappoint.
 ^^Ready to get our Dodger's spirit on.
^^Trying to tan my legs.
^^L.A. views.
^^Inside the beautiful Griffith Observatory.
^^The city glittering at night.
^^I'm sporting some lovely hat hair.

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  1. Wow such gorgeous pictures, the restaurant looked so zen lol