Friday, March 21, 2014

Thailand {One Day in Bangkok}

Our last day in Thailand we spent it in Bangkok.
How I wish we would have had more time there, one or two more
days would have been great.

We spent that last day going to all of the historical sites such  as the Golden Buddha, 
The Royal Palace &, The Reclining Buddha. 
While walking around these beautiful historic sites I couldn't 
believe how intricate the details of these places were. There was so much gold, 
and so many elaborate details that it was hard at times to take it all in.
After walking around for hours and taking in the rich culture 
we went to a swanky restaurant {at our tour guide's suggestion} for a late lunch.

We rested our feet and ate up before going to our last stop, the MBK mall.
We'd saved our shopping until the last day so that we didn't need to carry all 
of our purchased items from hotel to hotel and could really do some damage
shopping for all the things we'd wanted to get.

 MBK is a huge mall that is filled with silks, leather goods, 
clothes, electronics, traditional Thai souvenirs and food.
The best part, it was a bartering mall.  We got there around 6 pm and didn't leave
until about 11 pm and we had only covered one of the vast eight floors.

The next morning we were on our flight home.
I will always have the fondest memories of Thailand, 
it truly exceeded my expectations on most everything.
The kindest people, the most picturesque and exotic scenery 
and a rich history that is evident in each place you visit.

To say I was smitten is an understatement.  If you haven't been, make
it a point to go one day. I know I've made myself a promise I'll be going
back again one day, and perhaps this time with more empty duffle bags 
so I can do a bit more damage in that MBK mall :)
^^ The Golden Buddha
^^Entrance to the Royal Palace.
^^With our guide Mana.
^^Look at all of that gold!
^^Typical tourist moment...we couldn't resist.
^^It down-poured as you can see.
^^All of us seeking shelter.
^^The Royal Guards.
^^The massive reclining Buddha.
Until next time Thailand :)

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