Monday, September 16, 2013

Back home!

I'm still a bit jet-lagged over here, never fun.
I woke up yesterday at 4:30 am, wide awake and ready to start my day...
not ideal when it's a Sunday and your day to sleep in.

I have so many pics and stories to share from my trip to Thailand and Hong Kong.
It was a dream trip, one I will never forget.  I was especially smitten with Thailand.
I loved the islands, the jungles, the kindness of the people.

People have asked if it was too short of a trip.
My answer, 2 weeks was just the right amount of time.
I love to travel, it's my passion, but there really 
is no place like home. It's good to leave but it's always good to come back
to familiarity.

More posts on my adventures to come soon!

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