Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh hey 2013!

A little late to the happy wishing to you all, but better late than never...
so Happy New Year!

2013 has already brought on some changes for me, 
with a new promotion at work that's keeping me 
insanely busy and some other ventures on my plate.

I usually have all my goals typed out and saved to my desktop
to review and remember them throughout the year...
but this year I've just
felt like I want to simplify my life in all aspects, 
so I've decided instead of specific goals I'd
have a mantra to carry me through 2013 and 
the years to come.

So here's to 2013, may it be kinder to all of us, 
may we strive to be a bit better and have learned a bit more
about life and ourselves!

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