Sunday, September 16, 2012

End of Summer.

I thought I'd share some
of my favorite summer memories with you all
since fall is upon us.

To be honest,
it was a bit of a stressful summer for me.
I had work coming out my ears when
all I really wanted to do was enjoy the weather--
which was one of the hottest summers in Utah.

But I did manage to squeeze in some play as well.
A trip back east to Jersey, Boston and NYC, 
a family reunion in San Francisco, 
enjoying all the fun Utah offers in the summer
{rodeo's, boating at the lake, camping, hiking}, 
eating obscene amounts of watermelon and ice-cream, 
evening walks and having some good reads by the pool.

I really do love all that comes with summer,
but as usual I am ready for a new season.

Now that work has slowed down I feel like
I'm ready to relax a bit more and enjoy
the delicious autumn weather that
has already arrived here, crisp nights and all.

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