Sunday, July 15, 2012

House of Nanking

I had been to House of Nanking a
few years ago when I was
introduced by a friend.

We were rushed as we were
heading to the airport to catch our flight home.
But all I remember was that the food was
the best Chinese food I'd ever had.

The funny thing was I had forgotten
the name of the place, but I remembered
what their sign looked like from the outside.

We were driving around San Francisco while
there and I saw it and gasped out loud
because I was so happy.

Naturally we had to go and partake
of that delicious goodness.
This time we had more time to really
enjoy the food and the experience of it all.

Everything on their menu was fresh and delicious.
Now that I remember the name, I'll
be heading back every time I visit the foggy city.

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