Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mo-Tab & David Archuleta

In all my year's in Utah I have never been to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert.

So when I got the invite to go, of course I jumped on that train. Plus squeaky-clean & cute-as-a-button David Archuleta was the special guest so that only added to my excitement.

It was so great to hear the choir live and to be in the amazing conference center. It really felt like the Holiday season was official with all the Christmas music and cheer of being around temple square.

Random thing happened as the concert ended and I was getting my coat on.

This guy kept looking at me and finally came up to me and said, 'Alicia is that you?'

I chuckled{kindly of course} and said, 'No I'm sorry, I'm not Alicia.'

He quickly scurried off. Not sure if it was a weak, very weak pick-up line or if I have a doppleganger out there named Alicia.

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